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Join Tilda Swinton and CERN scientists on an epic interactive journey through the birth and evolution of the universe - in mixed reality. Go back in time 13.8 billion years and discover how space, time and the visible universe came to be. See the universe form in the palm of your hand. Witness the formation of the very first stars, our solar system, and the planet we call home. Immerse yourself in the primordial mystery of the early universe in space and watch events unfold around you, in your own physical environment. Learn about the microscopic building blocks that make up everything - and everyone - we know, and find out if we really are made of stars. See the universe form as you stretch out your hand in front of your camera. Create the very first particles and atoms. Make a star explode, create a supernova and explore the nebula. See our solar system come together and hold the Earth in the palm of your hand. Find out how we are made from stars, take a #starselfie and share it with your friends.This app has options for subtitles. Augmented reality experiences require battery power- please make sure your device is fully charged before playing this AR experience. To show you where you are on Earth, Big Bang AR needs permission to access your location. The app also needs access to the camera and photo gallery on your device for the AR experience to work, and to save photos directly to your device. This data remains anonymous and will not be stored or shared externally from your device.Big Bang AR is a collaboration between CERN and Google Arts & Culture. With special thanks to Rolf Landua, Head of Global Engagement, CERN, and production partner Nexus Studios. Discover more about Big Bang ARCERNhttps://home.cernGoogle Arts & Culture
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